Road of Excess / Triangle 3532 - 4/1990

Road of Excess / Triangle 3532
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SID tunes (HVSC base-dir)

  1. /MUSICIANS/H/Hubbard_Rob/Zoids.sid
  2. /MUSICIANS/D/Deenen_Charles/Ninja_Remix.sid
  3. /MUSICIANS/T/Tel_Jeroen/Myth.sid
  4. /MUSICIANS/M/MC/Untouched.sid
  5. /GAMES/M-R/Official_Father_Christmas_Game.sid
  6. /MUSICIANS/O/Ouwehand_Reyn/Dignified.sid
  7. /MUSICIANS/T/Tel_Jeroen/JT_in_Space.sid
  8. /MUSICIANS/S/Scarzix/Galactix_V2_0.sid
  9. /MUSICIANS/T/Tel_Jeroen/Savage.sid
  10. /MUSICIANS/F/Fun_Fun/Road_of_Excess_end.sid
  11. /MUSICIANS/R/Red_Kimmel_Jeroen/Odd_Habit.sid (loader)

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7 7
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Overall impression:
7 7


This is one of the few true oldschool demos I keep watching again and again. The hires part is well worth seeing, those clear graphics and the nicely drawn sideborder scrolly are cool! In the part with the winding scroller you can play a little Arkanoid clone. I never managed to finish it as the control is a bit weird and the ball is not flying in a straight line but with a little gravitation component. Anyway: Great demo for that time!

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(241 KB, d64, 2 disksides)