The Gladiator (aka Trap) / Unsorted Stuff - 1986

The Gladiator (aka Trap) / Unsorted Stuff

SID tunes (HVSC base-dir)

  1. /MUSICIANS/D/Daglish_Ben/Trap.sid

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The Gladiator (aka Trap)


7 7
8.5 8.5
8 8

Overall impression:
7 7


This demo is a hidden feature in the game TRAP by Alligata. If you manage to score the #1 highscore and enter "TRAP" as your name you get to see this little piece of computer history: An advertisement for Compunet produced by Ben Daglish and Anthony Crowther. Read how endless your possibilites are if you sign up with Compunet. ;-)
By the way: This seems to be the most requested program on comp.sys.cbm and comp.emulators.cbm, of course shortly after the ROMZ of Fort Apocalypse. Anybody have these, by the way...? ;-)

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