The Wild Bunch / Horizon - 10/2006

The Wild Bunch / Horizon
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SID tunes (HVSC base-dir)

  1. /MUSICIANS/L/Linus/Wild_Bunch.sid
  2. /MUSICIANS/L/Linus/Locomotive_Chef.sid

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8 8
9.5 9.5
9.5 9.5

Overall impression:
9 9


A very stylish demo with some great effects and very nice screen buildups and transitions. The tune in the endpart's blowing me away everytime again, considered it's only singlespeed the sounds are just mindboggling! Linus for president! A little downside is that the loader isn't too stable on a C128D-CR (the metal one), hence it may crash at varying points in the demo if you run it on that machine. It's a coop demo by Focus/Horizon/Instinct and Triad, just in case you wonder why you find it in 4 different places on this site. Unfortunately the database wasn't designed with coop demos in mind, so I had to add them as doubles.

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