Vicious Sid / Unsorted Stuff - 10/2008

Vicious Sid / Unsorted Stuff
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SID tunes (HVSC base-dir)

  1. /MUSICIANS/D/Deenen_Charles/Shitty_Disco_Dump.sid
  2. /MUSICIANS/T/THCM/Vicious_SID_part_2.sid
  3. /MUSICIANS/T/THCM/Hunters_Moon.sid

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5 5
10 10
3 3

Overall impression:
10 10


When this was released it was like an earthquake for the C64 scene. A new method of playing samples in unheard quality with the possibility of using filters on both the sid channels and the samples! Before you complain: The last tune can't be ripped into a sid file, because it continuously loads new samples from disk, thus breaking the 64 KB limit for regular sids.

Download it!
(d64, 2 disksides, 304 KB)