Panta Rhei / Instinct - 12/2004

Panta Rhei / Instinct
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SID tunes (HVSC base-dir)

  1. /MUSICIANS/F/Fanta/Panta_Rhei.sid

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Another amazing Plush demo that clearly bears the handwriting of two of the scene's best coders, Graham and Krill. We start off with a sideborder chessboard zoomer, probably the biggest I've ever seen. Respects to Jackasser/Instinct, nice drive support in that part too! The next part is among the coolest shit you can get on the C64. A x-rotator with a plasma texture that is moving at full frame rate, the CPU inside your 1541 makes it possible! =) The last part by Graham shows us how vectors have to look like in the year 2004: Subpixel accuracy is the key, and I promise you these are the smoothest vectors you'll have ever seen on this lovely machine! To prove that everything is calculated in realtime there's an option to press your joystick button in port 2, so you can adjust a lot of parameters to your own needs. And also check out the hidden parts by turning off the floppy at various parts in and before the demo. =)

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